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Now Is A Great Time To Consider Discover Financial Services

Discover Financial Services (NYSE:DFS) has had a rough 2015 with its stock down 12% year-to-date. With the decline, however, DFS now trades at a rock-bottom valuation on an absolute and relative basis. Larger competitors such as American Express Company (NYSE:AXP) and Visa (NYSE:V) trade at premiums in comparison, although their valuations are not exorbitantly expensive either. DFS's trailing P/E is 11.8 compared to AXP's 13.5 and Visa's 30.2. On a forward basis, DFS's P/E is 10.7, while AXP's is 14 and Visa's is 24.7. Looking at book value, DFS's P/TBV is 2.6 and AXP's is 4.2. Moreover, DFS's P/B is 2.5 and AXP's is 3.9... READ MORE

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