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You Should Take A Hint From The Shorts In Cablevision

Value investor Mario Gabelli was the largest shareholder of Cablevision Systems Corporation (NYSE:CVC) among hedge funds with close to 12 million shares carrying a value around $316 million through GAMCO Investors. Other funds with large stakes in CVC included Paulson & Co., Arrowstreet Capital, and Winton Capital as of the funds' latest filings. John Paulson, famous for his short of the mortgage market during the Financial Crisis, held 8.4 million shares of CVC through his fund sharing his last name. Arrowstreet owned just over 2.2 million shares, and Winton held about 1.3 million shares. Seven funds added positions in CVC shares, while three funds exited their previous positions. JAT Capital exited a fairly large stake in CVC, which amounted to about 3.2 million shares... READ MORE

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