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Starbucks' Stock Price Is Poised To Move Higher

Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) is the largest seller of prepared and packaged coffee products in the world. The company's market cap is over $80 billion, and it operates in more than 65 countries.

I like the investment potential of Starbucks for three reasons. For one I personally enjoy the company's product, and I understand its business. Also, I know that the demand for its products will not diminish. Drinking coffee is a daily ritual for me and for millions of others. The fact that coffee prices have increased has not changed that ritual. Starbucks' management knows that and on July 6th, Starbucks announced that it was once again raising prices. The price increase is small, about 1% for most Americans, but it is progress, and it will increase the company's bottom line... READ MORE

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