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Why Merck Is A Dark Horse To Beat


- Merck has been downgraded based on historical performance.

- The company is changing for the better, however, with a new senior leadership.

- Merck’s pipeline, cash flow, and willingness to take risks poise it for success.

- Top ten hedge fund holders largely maintained or raised their positions.

Now could be a good time to invest in Merck.Merck (NYSE:MRK) recently announced its Ebola Vaccine is 100% efficacious. A rare feat for vaccines. In clinical trials, this drug was shown to prevent infection in every single person who received treatment. But, this news was met with relatively little fanfare from the financial sector, as Merck is not expected to make much money from this discovery; this is because the Ebola outbreak has died down in West Africa and African consumers are relatively poor. As of this writing, Merck was trading at $50.52, much below the 52-week high of $63.62... READ MORE

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