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We Are Proud to Announce that We Have Teamed Up with TalkMarkets

Just last week, ADS Insights joined the TalkMarkets platform – a new site for investors and all of those interested in investing looking for a new approach to get their investment news and commentary. ADS Insights has joined TalkMarkets as one of its founding contributors and we look forward to the opportunity to not only develop our own site but also help TalkMarkets grow into one of the premier investment platforms.

TalkMarkets is a new investing platform and ADS Insights is proud to be a founding contributor.

TalkMarkets is a unique platform in which content will be tailored to each individual investor’s interests and preferences. We think this is key as not every investor is looking to be inundated with news and opinions on Apple or Tesla on a constant basis. Sometimes people like to invest in other companies. Who would have known?! With TalkMarkets, investors can tailor their media experience and get information about the stocks, industries, and other topics that they care about first and foremost. Instead of having the same experience as everyone else, investors can get the experience that they want with TalkMarkets. We believe TalkMarkets will be a valuable tool for investors going forward to get pointed, relevant information on what they care about most in the investment universe. And the beauty of it is, when you’re investment tastes change – TalkMarkets can help you satisfy those cravings!

TalkMarkets will also help the investment landscape to be more interactive by encouraging discussion on articles and inviting commentary from experts and experienced investors. Famous (and perhaps sometimes controversial) investors are featured and contribute to TalkMarkets; some of them include Peter Schiff, David Stockman, and Mark Cuban. Some of these guys and gals have identified bubbles and warned of financial crises in the past, so it is probably smart to hear them out. Moreover, TalkMarkets can be linked with social media like Facebook and Twitter, so you can share your favorite articles, start conversations, and even spark a debate if you want!

Most importantly, with its customized features, TalkMarkets can help you save time and navigate the investment universe more prudently. We think TalkMarkets has the potential to become one of the top platforms on the internet, and we also think it is unique in that TalkMarkets appeals to investors big and small and of varied experience. It is spearheaded by people with experience from the likes of Bloomberg, Seeking Alpha, and Yahoo Finance; we think that this will help TalkMarkets avoid the pitfalls of the past and respond quickly to any that arise.

We hope that you give TalkMarkets a try and sign up as a reader, contributor, or both! The investment world can always use more commentary and perspective, and TalkMarkets is a great platform on which to be heard. ADS Insights is excited about this new opportunity and we look forward to growing alongside TalkMarkets and making investors more informed and offering compelling articles.

Click here if you want to go to TalkMarkets!

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