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American Eagle & Joy Global: Don't Be Fooled By Share Price Movement

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American Eagle Outfitters: Don't Let The Historical Stock Performance Fool You


  • American Eagle Outfitters' stock performance has been disappointing.
  • The company has a healthy balance sheet with no debt to speak of, and is nicely poised to keep returning value to its shareholders.
  • The Aerie brand can prove to be the biggest catalyst for American Eagle Outfitters.
  • The 1-year target price range for the stock is $19.71-23.68, which implies considerable upside from current levels.

American Eagle Outfitters (NYSE:AEO) demonstrated robust financial performance in 2015 despite macro headwinds and a rather difficult retail environment. The stock performance, however, hasn't lived up to the billing. If you'd invested $100 in AEO in January 2011 and had regularly reinvested the dividends, your collective returns on AEO stock would have been disappointing compared to that from the S&P Midcap 400 and the Dynamic Retail Intellidex... READ MORE

Is Joy Heading For A Fresh Selloff?


  • Joy’s share price is declining, following a huge rally.
  • Analysts suggest selling the stock ahead of a fresh selloff.
  • The company’s financial performance and backlog could decline further amid bearish future business fundamentals.

Joy Global (NYSE:JOY) has enjoyed a huge rally in the first two months of this year amid significant growth in commodity prices. The company's stock surged from a 52-week low of around $9 a share to above $15 in the beginning of March. However, its share price has since been reversing its gains, losing 11.31% in the last month alone. Despite this sharp fall in Joy's share price, its stock is still up 20% year to date.

The company's stock price could decline further in the coming days on bearish fundamentals. Thus, selling this stock in anticipation of a huge selloff is a wise strategy. After a surge in commodity growth, it's now time to exit, say some analysts. They believe not only that the commodity prices are hit cyclically, but that the company's future fundamentals are also bleak. Goldman Sachs recently advised investors to sell mining-related stocks due to low demand and high supply... READ MORE

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