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Fashion & Mining: Should You Stay Away from Coach and Vale?

These are our articles posted on Seeking Alpha. Click "READ MORE" if you would like to read the rest of the articles.

Coach Looks Risky


  • COH’s brand may have lost its exclusivity but COH is fighting back valiantly.
  • There are concerns regarding COH’s earnings quality.
  • COH’s shares are possibly overvalued.

Coach has had a nice run but it's upward momentum may be running out of steam.

It has been more than a year since Coach (NYSE:COH) announced its strategic transformation plan to boost brand value and achieve operational efficiency and we are seeing signs of improvement. After the results of the second quarter, a number of analysts have become bullish and owing to this optimism, COH's shares have been gaining momentum. Currently COH is sitting about 3.2%, 7.9% and 15.8% above the 20-day, 50-day and 200-day EMA respectively, signaling a strong upward momentum... READ MORE

Vale S.A: The Rally Could Be Short-Term


  • Vale’s recent rally has created an attractive exit point for investors.
  • The company’s main source of revenue is iron ore, which has bearish future fundamentals despite a recent rally.
  • Vale’s share price surged beyond 80% in the past two months, but the stock could reverse its gains in the near future.

Vale S.A (NYSE:VALE) is among those mining companies that have been hit hard by the volatility in commodity prices. Its share price has plummeted by more than 87% in the past five years. The company's stock has dropped from its high of $33 to only $2 a share, as seen in the start of this year. The cause? Vale's business model is directly dependent on iron ore prices, which have been falling for the last couple of years... READ MORE

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