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Pharmaceuticals & Retail: A Game Changer & A Turnaround

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Pain Therapeutics: A Smart Investment Opportunity Supported By A Game-Changing Pain Killer


  • The FDA may approve PTIE’s new drug called REMOXY.
  • Pain statistics support the demand for PTIE’s medications.
  • Fundamental analysis is supported by technical analysis, showing there is a good opportunity to go long PTIE.
  • Increasing addiction rates demand an alternative and contrary make-up of PTIE’s drugs make for an interesting opportunity.

Addiction rates and an aging population could make REMOXY a boon for Pain Therapeutics.

In this article, we will speak about a huge investment opportunity that you definitely must consider. It is about a pharmaceutical company that produces pain killers and pain control medications, which is called Pain Therapeutics (NASDAQ: PTIE).

Pain Therapeutics is operating in the biotech & pharmaceutical industry, having a market capitalization of $116.69 million. The current price per share is $2.55, which puts it in penny stock territory (less than $5.00). Thus, the risks associated with penny stocks and low market capitalizations should be considered. Investors who understand the risks should consider this opportunity... READ MORE

Expect Good Things From J.C. Penney


  • JCP is set to continue increasing private brands' penetration which will improve profitability and help the company achieve differentiation.
  • JCP's sales per net selling square foot have been rising since 2013. This can be partly attributed to the success of the Sephora boutiques in JCP stores.
  • On the downside, JCP's debt levels remain a cause of concern but noticeable progress is being made.

Ever since the dreadful reign of Ron Johnson, J.C. Penney (NYSE:JCP) has been compelled to dig deep and concoct initiatives to win back the hearts of its core customers. JCP's primary goal in recent times has been to regain the market share lost through ignoring in-house private brands and implementing misplaced price initiatives like the "fair and square every day." Certainly, JCP's turnaround is far from complete, but I believe the company is headed in the right direction and at present shares look undervalued... READ MORE

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