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Stocks Under the Radar: Manning & Napier vs. BOC Aviation

Take The Money And Run From Manning & Napier


  • This investment manager has been on a great run recently.
  • I don't think the fundamentals support the price, or much upside potential.
  • Assets Under Management just aren't growing - at least organically.
  • The CEO's retirement adds to the uncertainty.

By Tony Termini

Investors may start bailing on Manning & Napier as it fails to grow assets organically.

Since the market hit its low point this past February, Manning & Napier (NYSE:MN) has had a spectacular ride up, rising more than 70%. And that's in just the last 15 weeks! The stock is still technically very strong, and the charts are all flashing short-term buy signals on MN. But I'm not so sure the fundamentals support what's happening. Could MN double in value from here? Maybe, but at the current price, I would be a seller. I'll get to that later. For now, let's look at what may be driving the price higher... CONTINUE READING

BOC Aviation's IPO A Plus For Embraer


  • BOC IPO suggests to me that there is more opportunity in China.
  • Revenue continues to grow in a difficult economic and political climate.
  • The stock trades at a nice discount to the market.
  • Order backlog suggests solid future revenue growth.

By Tony Termini

BOC Aviation just raised $1.1 billion in its IPO and I think that this is going to be a positive development for Embraer (NYSE:ERJ). BOC Aviation buys airplanes and leases them to airlines around the world. The interesting thing is that they currently have just 13 ERJ planes in their fleet.

I'm not saying this will be the event that gets ERJ soaring in the near term. But, in my opinion, it is one of the reasons you want to be long ERJ right now, even though there are a lot of negatives reflected in the stock's price... CONTINUE READING

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