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Investors Are Overlooking This If Trump Gets Elected


  • Stocks haven’t done so well heading into the election.
  • Their performance could be different after it, however – why?
  • Trump’s plan combined with Hatch’s could be a boon to stocks.

By Andrew Sebastian

This election has been crazy, but one outcome can have wide ranging effects.

Media pundits and political commentators gave Donald Trump no chance of winning the Republican nomination… he's the Republican nominee. Trump has made statements which some characterize as offensive, provocative, or downright disgusting… his poll numbers kept rising.

Trump has made statements that would sink mostly every other political candidate on either side of the aisle. He has mocked war hero and Arizona Senator John McCain for being captured during the Vietnam War, and he has disparaged popular Fox News journalist, Megyn Kelly, suggesting that she has had it out for him ever since the first Fox News Republican Primary debate. One could continue on Trump's remarks about a whole host of groups and people, but that's not what this article is about.

This article is about a possible Trump presidency and what it means for investors and the market (NYSEARCA:SPY). Trump's poll numbers are now rising against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, so it's time to discern how stocks might perform following his more probable election. They haven't done so well in the week heading into it, but it could be an opportunity...


Here is an excerpt from our last article on Enterprise Products Partners - an MLP good for both "liberals" and "conservatives."


  • EPD has substantial projects currently coming online and a significant backlog to augment its growth.
  • These projects will not only grow the company’s top line but also diversify it.
  • EPD has a sound credit profile and perhaps most importantly, so do its customers.

By Andrew Sebastian

Liberal growth and conservative financing may seem contradictory at first, but the two are not mutually exclusive as Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE:EPD) proves. EPD is undergoing rapid development with $5.6 billion worth of capital projects under current construction, that will start adding to the company's top and bottom lines starting in 2018. In 2016, over $2 billion worth of projects have been completed or will be completed by year's end. They include gas processing plants, oil storage facilities and ethane export terminals - a diversification of EPD's revenue streams that will only continue into 2018. Many of EPD's current pipelines have upwards of double the capacity, so there is tremendous opportunity for growth. EPD certainly will not be hindered by capacity... READ MORE

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